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Organizer: Obalne galerije Piran / Gallerie Costiere Pirano / Coastal Galleries Piran

Theme:  Intervention in public space

Participants: 3 sculptors, selected on the basis of received applications or the organizer’s invitation

Date: 16.9. – 12. 10. 2019

Material: Istrian stone, Kamen Pazin, approximate measures of one piece (200 x 100 x 100 cm). Sculpture may be composed of several parts, too.

Workshop location: near the sculpture park Forma viva Portorož

Urban sites for the new stone sculptures:

  1. PIRAN, urban space, extension of the Marx street

  2. PIRAN, Fornače, area near the bus station

  3. LUCIJA, green areas around the new Medical center (still unrealized)

Please see the photos attached.




• provides basic tools (smaller tools and machines for the transport of materials) and help withdifficult physical tasks, electricity and electrical connection, the base for the sculpture, help in setting up the sculpture, protective impregnation for the sculpture,

• covers the costs of accommodation and meal expenses for the duration of symposium in the town of symposium and provides non-alcoholic beverages at the site,

• ensures the promotion of symposium, press coverage (articles and announcements in the printed media, TV, social networks and the web page of the Coastal Galleries Piran), public presentation at the end of symposium and the presentation in the catalogues of the Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors,

• ensures the royalties in the sum of € 2,000 (net income) sent to participants’ bank account after the conclusion of the symposium. In addition to covering the accommodation costs, the organizer covers also the payment of all related taxes (income tax, social funds)


The applicants for participation are expected to:

• have experience in stone sculpturing,

• work independently in open space,

• ensure independent settlement of the health and accident insurance,

• acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of the symposium,

• inform the organizer about any special needs, requirements and preferences, which may

sinificantly affect the course of symposium or organizers’ expectations,

• cover half of their travel costs by prior arrangement with the organizer

The applications for participation, together with the CV, description of the conceptual design for the sculpture, sketches or photographs of a model of the sculpture, must be submitted until 17. 03. 2019; either sent on the address: OBALNE GALERIJE PIRAN / GALLERIE COSTIERE PIRANO, Tartini Square, n. 3, Piran 6330 or on e-mail address: info@obalne-galerije.si

The selected applicants will be notified about participation not later than 22. 04. 2019.


About the Forma Viva  International Symposium of Sculptors

Forma Viva is the biennial International Symposium of Sculpture and open-air gallery of plastic art that has been located at Seča near Portorož since 1961. On the initiative of two Slovene sculptors, Janez Lenassi (1927 - 2008) and Jakob Savinšek (1922 - 1961), who took part at sculpture symposium in the Austrian town of St. Margarethen, the first two meetings in Slovenia took place in 1961. At Kostanjevica na Krki the invited sculptors worked in wood, and at the Seča site near Portorož they worked in white Istrian stone. In 1964 sculptors started working in iron at Ravne na Koroškem, and three years later in Maribor they chose concrete.

The Symposium promotes the mingling of sculptors from different parts of the world, it offers what is today a rare opportunity to create sculptures in large format and enhances the experience of using a classic material of sculpture, stone. The stone is cut for the needs of Forma Viva in nearby quarries in Croatian Istria. Over the years, Forma Viva at Seča has developed into a unique collection of open-air stone sculpture in Slovenia. The majority of the sculptures are located at the gallery on the Seča peninsula near Portorož, while a smaller number have been placed in the towns of Slovene Istria.

The expert jury named by two gallery organizers Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Coastal Galleries  Piran will select the participating sculptors, for both sites (wodden and stone symposium) of the Forma Viva International Symposium of Sculptors 2019.


About Caostal Galleries Piran

The Coastal Galleries of Piran is a public non-profit institution which promotes contemporary art. Beside the main gallery, the Civic Gallery in Piran, the Coastal Galleries include four more spaces in Piran and Koper, as well as the Monfort space in Portorož. The basic concept of the exhibition programme of the gallery includes group and solo exhibition of Slovene and foreign artists. In the past decades we hosted well known international artists, such us H. Nitsch, A.R. Penck, N. De Maria, E.Cucchi, B.Watts, J. Miro’, M.Chagall …Our institution organize also well-established traditional events like the painters competition, Ex tempore Piran, International conference Piran Days of Architecture and  the International Symposium of Sculptors FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ.



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Location 1

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Location 2

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