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Obalne galerije Piran







  XIth international Ex-tempore of ceramics



Technique: all ceramic techniques

Theme: free choice

Time of production: March to 1st June 2010

Size: up to 100 cm

Weight: portable (not more than 20kg)

Composition: maximum of three pieces

Marking: the mark 2010 cut in fresh clay and the author's initials
or personal mark

Each participant may hand in only one work; a composition may
consist of a maximum of three pieces (a photograph or sketch must
be included).

For the initial selection, the work must be photographed from
at least three basic angles, and sent on CD in JPG, TIF or RAW format
(minimum 1000 pix per side).
Title of work, the dimensions, technique and customary data must be attached (name and surname, exact address, date of birth, telephone and e-mail address).

Photographs must arrive not later than 1st June 2010 to:
Obalne galerije Piran
XI. International Ex-tempore of Ceramics
Tartinijev trg 3
6330 Piran, Slovenija

The initial selection on the basis of visual material will be performed
by an international professional jury. Authors will be informed about
the selection of works in July 2010.

No entry fee is payable for the initial selection on basis of photographs.

After the initial selection on the basis of submitted photographs,
the participation in the Xth International Ex-tempore of Ceramics
is established in the Rules.



1. Deadline and place for handing in:
- from Saturday 28th August to Thursday 2nd September 2010,
in Mestna galerija, Tartinijev trg 3, Piran, between 08.00 and 20.00
- or by post to:
Obalne galerije Piran, Tartinijev trg 3, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

2. Each work must be delivered in packaging required by established standards and usable for storage and return! In case the packaging is being unusable for return, the author is responsible for collecting his work personally, or it becomes the property of the organiser. The sale price and exact address of the sender must be attached to the work.

3. Each participant may submit only one work. Works that have been
selected on the basis of photographs may not be replaced by any
other work.

4. Works that arrive severely damaged or destroyed will not be
exhibited and will be returned to the addressee.

5. Artists may, on their own responsibility and on their own expense, insure work during transport to the exhibition and from it back to the author. The organiser bears responsibility and the consequences of damage done to works during the exhibition. Works are insured during the exhibition.

6. Entry fee is 22 €, for full-time students 11 €.
- the fee is payable when the work is handed in or to the following
account number at: Obalne galerije Piran
Banka Slovenije
Swift code BSLJSI2X
IBAN: SI 56012906030358891
- last year participants have a discount (students 10 €, others 20 €.).

7. The organiser guarantees that he will treat works according
to established standards.

8. Prizewinners are obliged to relinquish prizewinning works regardless
of the specified purchase price.

9. The works exhibited in Herman Pečarič Gallery (the exhibition will
be open until September 2009) will be on sale at a price decided
by the author, taking into account compulsory levies.

10. Authors are obliged to assume the exhibited works in Mestna galerija Piran by the end of October 2010. Exhibited works, which were sent by post and equipped with appropriate packaging, can be returned by mail at author's expense (required prepayment). For the injury when returning organizer does not take responsibility.

In the event of the above rules not being respected, ceramic
works become the property of the organiser.


I. The GRAND PRIX of the Xth International Ex-tempore
of Ceramics


II. Major purchase prize

650 € ARTINVEST d.o.o., PIRAN

III. Purchase prize

450 € SCARBO d.o.o., KOPER

IV. Prize for the most original work:
An exhibition in Galerijia Herman Pečarič Piran



- Franco Bertoni, Faenza (Italija / Italia / Italy)
- Iztok Maroh, Maribor (Slovenija / Slovenia / Slovenia)
- Blaženka Šoić Štebih, Varaždin (Hrvaška / Croazia / Croatia)
- Tatjana Sirk, Piran (tajnik / segretaria / secretary)